VA Tech Wabag wins Libya and Tunisia water contracts

Contracts include the design and construction of three water treatment plants in Libya’s Bomba region

India-headquartered VA Tech Wabag has won two water treatment plant contracts in Tunisia and Libya.

As part of a consortium with civil contractors, the firm won the contract for a water treatment plant at Kasseb Dam in Tunisia.

The plant has the capacity to treat 30,000 cubic metres a day (cm/d). The client is Societe Nationale D’exploitation Et De Distribution Des Eaux.

The project will involve the design, engineering, construction, supply, installation, and commissioning of a wastewater treatment plant, using the Lamella clarifier technology. The project will be executed over 20 months and includes a six-month operation and maintenance period.

Wabag Austria also signed a repeat contract with the General Desalination Company of Libya to design and build three thermal seawater desalination plants in Bomba in the country’s eastern Gulf region.

The project will involve the design, supply, construction, installation, and commissioning of the plant.

These two contracts, as well as a third outside the region, are part of €100m worth ($120.6m) of contracts the firm has recently announced.

In 2014, General Electric Company of Libya (Gecol) awarded VA Tech Wabag a $19m contract to build four water treatment plants in Libya.

The engineering, procurement, and construction contract involved the construction of two demineralisation plants and two electro-chlorination plants, split between three power station sites. The demineralisation plants have a capacity of 60 cm/d, while one electro-chlorination plant has a capacity of 71 cm/d, and the other handles 35 cm/d.

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